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Chance490 Foundation

The Chance490 Foundation mission is to provide culturally competent, wholeness, and wellness focused mental health services that promote the client’s social-emotional development, prevent development of mental health challenges, address social-emotional problems and alleviate social determinants of health that currently  exist. We will do this by using evidence-based strategies in our services to clients; by supporting staff training and wellbeing; by implementing effective mental health consultation to clients, families; and by continuing to strive for excellence in supporting mental health for all the clients and families who need mental health services.


The plan is to address behavioral health and improve social determinants of health in South Dallas through effective tools and resources used in mental health peer support, mental health first aid response and offering faith-based tools and resources by partnering with organizations to fill their gap in mental health services. The plan is to use a Certified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), Certified Mental Health Peer Support Specialist (MHPS), and Certified Community Health Worker Instructor (CHWI) role authorized by Texas Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), thereby promoting peer supporters. In doing this, the role of peer supporters in mental health care is elevated in general to meet the client at their level of need. By looking at anxiety, depression, and medical care a client will have the ongoing support needed to achieve a balanced life avoiding negative behaviors. 


The vision of CHANCE490 for the “Summer of Healing” campaign is to provide counseling and mental health services in a safe place by partnering with existing nonprofits to work together to address the gap in care for mental health services in the underserved zip codes following and alleviate the mental health crisis using the data from the Parkland Hospital Community Needs Assessment and Texas Health Resources Community Needs Assessment. CHANCE490 will encourage and empower at-risk women/girls using relatable activities with relatable peers. By using counseling and mental health services to impact and bring awareness in the community for our black/brown women and girls return from an identity crisis to wholeness in the 75210, 75215, 75216 and 75217 zip codes.

The Community

We Serve

Dallas-Fort Worth Area  minority Women/Girls  at-risk or impacted by incarceration and substance abuse.


Our Impact Goals

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